Zamst TC-1 (Thigh compression) รัดต้นขา

Zamst TC-1 (Thigh compression) รัดต้นขา

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By compressing the entire arm in a central direction, the product helps reduce waste motion of the muscles and support performance.

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Anti-slip pattern prevents slipping

An anti-slip pattern made of silicon at the rear top of the main unit prevents slipping during movement.
* Silicone may cause skin problems. Please refrain from using the product if you are allergic or have sensitive skin conditions.

Anti-slip pattern prevents slipping

Control waste motion of the muscle

By compressing the entire thigh in a central direction, it suppresses waste motion of the muscle. It supports performance by reducing the loss of thigh movement.

Control waste motion of the muscle

Ideally support on the muscles

A special fiber provides comfortable fit. It realizes ideal stretching property and enables to apply and remove easily with a good fit.


Zamst TC-1 Size

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How to select proper size of the TC-1

Measure the circumference of the thigh 16 cm above the center of the patella. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Size Circumference of the thigh (cm)
S 39.0 – 44.0
M 44.0 – 49.0
L 49.0 – 54.0