Compressport Triathlon Under Control Short M

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Triathlon shorts for men providing an excellent muscle support for a feeling of strength with an ultra comfortable pad.

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Power up your thighs as you go through the 3 disciplines with the Triathlon Under Control Shorts for men. They provide muscular support for a sensation of incomparable strength and freedom! Put on your triathlon under control shorts to offer maximum support to your thighs and a second skin comfort all the way to the finish line.These triathlon shorts absorb vibrations, limit the risk of injuries, reduce muscular pain and fatigue. More ventilated, more pleasant to wear, the triathlon shorts are made out of high quality fibres that do not retain water. They offer great thermoregulation to protect your body from extreme temperatures variations. Their foam Pro Pad evacuates perspiration fast thanks to tiny perforations. Highly comfortable, the pad protects you on the bike and is totally forgotten during the run. The pocket system ensures your accessories are always close at hand. Aerodynamics, breathable fibers, optimal compression, the perfect combination for high performance shorts.

Precise Compressio – A milimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas brings oxygen to the muscles and facilitates recovery.

Ventilation – Innovative technology, the ventilation stripes directly integrated into the compression provide optimal ventilation evacuating heat and perspiration.

High Quality Pad – Made in Italy, the pad is a new model with unrivalled qualities. With optimised thickness, the foam doesn

Product net weight

115.00 g


70% Polyamide, 30% Elastane Pad: 100% Polyurethane

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A millimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas brings oxygen to the muscles and therefore enhances performances and facilitates recovery. The muscles are supported for a feeling of strength and a better performance on a longer distance. Ultra-extensible, the fiber is also more breathable for a maximum comfort.


Every movement triggers a micromassage providing well being and lightness Patented fibre.


Properly structured for better organization, they are easy to reach and have been designed to prevent any bouncing. They also prevent unnecessary twisting and help you conserve energy to stay focused on your stride.


Made in Italy, this high quality pad has an optimal density, the foam doesn’t crush and gets its shape back as soon as you get up. Ultra-breathable, the pad benefits from small perforations which help to evaucation water and transpiration to stay dry longer. Ultra soft, the pad doesn’t create any irritation or over-heating feeling.


The silicon print on the shoulders prevents unnecessary backpack movement and shocks when running. Muscle tensions and fatigue are minimised.


Compressport Size

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T1 49-54 19-21
T2 54-59 21-23
T3 59-64 23-25
T4 64-69 25-27