Compressport Trail Running Under Control Short M

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Trail running shorts delivering perfect muscle support to improve performances while remaining highly ventilated, ultra-light and ultra-comfortable.

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Power up your thighs as you climb the highest summits with the Trail Running Under Control Shorts for men. They provide muscular support for a sensation of incomparable strength for climbing at a brisk pace and hurtling down the steepest paths without any pain! Gear up with the trail running under control shorts to offer maximum support to your thighs and a second skin comfort. These trail running shorts absorb vibrations, limit the risk of injuries, reduce muscular pain and fatigue. More ventilated, more pleasant to wear, the Trail Running Under Control shorts are made out of high quality fibres that do not retain water. They offer great thermoregulation to protect your body from brutal temperatures changes. The Power Climb Grip helps you to climb up easily by pushing on your thighs. The pocket system ensures your accessories are always close at hand. From the fibres to the design, everything has been considered to take you to the next level.

Precise Compression – A milimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas brings oxygen to the muscules and facilitates recovery.

Comfort – Ventilation zones, very thin fibers, ergonomic.

Lightweight and packable: it meets perfectly the requirements of mandatory equipment for ultra long distance races such as UTMB

Product net weight

111.00 g


72% Polyestilene, 28% Elastane

Wash & care instructions


A millimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas brings oxygen to the muscles and therefore enhances performances and facilitates recovery. The muscles are supported for a feeling of strength and a better performance on a longer distance. Ultra-extensible, the fiber is also more breathable for a maximum comfort.


Perfect fit, maximising efficiency and comfort (no chafing).


This unique and exclusive sewing technique guarantees maximum comfort and solidity in the seams.


This light compression area is directly woven into the fabric to ensure you have correct body positioning during long lasting effort and that your shoulders stay aligned. This will boost breathing capacity and improve oxygenation during effort and after effort will facilitate quick recovery.


Its unique weaving favors the circulation of the air and allows a perfect balance between the outside and the interior. Thus the body remains at the same temperature without rising or falling sudden. A real protection in winter against cold and during the hot temperatures it is forgotten…


Maximum comfort of the abdominal muscles while providing great support by absorbing shocks in the lower back fatigue areas. The V Shape of the belt will prevent any pressure on the stomach for optimal comfort.


Compressport Size

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T1 49-54 19-21
T2 54-59 21-23
T3 59-64 23-25
T4 64-69 25-27