Compressport R2 Oxygen – Black Edition 2019

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Ultra-light and highly comfortable black calf compression sleeves for ultra performances under hot temperatures.

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Only 11 grams of pure performance. The R2 Oxygen calf sleeves are a must-have for all athletes looking for high performances and superior comfort. Initially designed to meet the needs of our pro athletes racing in events as extreme as the IRONMAN® World championships in Kona, the R2 Oxygen are highly ventilated, ultra-light and exceptionally comfortable. Wear the R2 Oxygen calf sleeves during intense efforts, whether it is for a trail running race, a triathlon event or a marathon to enhance your performances! Compressport’s R2 Oxygen are incredibly light: you will quickly forget you are wearing them. They are ultra-fast drying and breathable thanks to the ventilation stripes directly woven into the compression. Your calves stay dry, fresh while still being protected from vibrations. Made for the harshest conditions, they will match the most demanding expectations for intense and explosive performances! Their elegant and exclusive design will add a smart touch to your outfit.

Precise and harmonious compression – A millimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas brings oxygen to the muscles and facilitates recovery.
Ventilation – It is super ventilated thanks to ventilation bands directly integrated in the compression, an exclusive COMPRESSPORT innovation.
Extreme comfort and lightness – It is ultra comfortable thanks to its very thin fiber which brings even more softness, flexibility and elasticity for superior comfort. You do not feel it and will never feel any restriction even during very intense efforts.

Product net weight

22.00 g


76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane

Wash & care instructions


The absorption of shock and vibration on muscles, veins and joints increases resistance to effort.


A millimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas brings oxygen to the muscles and therefore enhances performances and facilitates recovery. The muscles are supported for a feeling of strength and a better performance on a longer distance. Ultra-extensible, the fiber is also more breathable for a maximum comfort.


Studies show a significant reduction in lactic acid during effort.


This ergonomic tab supports the patellar tendon and dampens vibrations up to 8%. The best ally knees can have while pushing limits on steep descents and intense speedy technical trails.


Every movement triggers a micromassage providing well being and lightness Patented fibre.


You will feel it immediately… A feeling of well being, lightness and strength surrounding your muscles. It will accelerate venous return preventing blood from stagnating for an ultra-light feeling.


Tear proof in normal use.


Compressport Size

T1, T2, T3, T4

T1 30-34 12-13,5
T2 34-38 13,5-15
T3 38-42 15-16,5
T4 42-46 16,5-18


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