• UltrApire Spry 2.5

    The Spry 2.5 hydration Pack is a minimalist vest that can be used for everything from a 10k to a 100 miler. The Spry 2.5 is equipped with Max02® Sternum, trash pockets, shock cord for greater versatility and a larger quick stash in the back for more carrying capacity, 1Lt bladder compatible. One size fits most. Ultrarunning Magazine top pick.

  • UltrAspire 1L Reservoir

    1 Liter Ultraspire Hydration Reservoir. Smart hydration that includes a high flow valve and bomb proof fluid delivery system.

  • UltrAspire 2L Reservoir

    2 Liter Ultraspire Hydration Reservoir. Smart hydration that includes a high flow valve and bomb proof fluid delivery system.

  • UltrAspire Alpha 3.0

    Dominating, focused and moving consistently, carrying the essentials and finishing swiftly—then heading back to ensure the success of others. Cool, controlled, confident and stealthy, you are the Alpha.
    The same legendary award winning classic pack, sized, form fitting and comfortable even over a long haul, now with a zippered back elastic mesh compartment for more capacity and versatility!

  • UltrAspire Astral 2.0

    Moving gracefully unimpeded. Breathing proudly— deeply. Born of the stars, more than a little Zen, you are the Astral.

    Same award winning pack designed for chest, heart and lungs to be free and open to the air. Though gender neutral, designed especially to fit women. New improved fit and increased capacity, conforms to a myriad of beautiful shapes and sizes. Fully featured, one size fits most!

  • UltrAspire Astral 3.0

    The Astral 3.0 hydration pack features a unique patent pending harness design that is specifically meant to fit women, the straps allow for chest, heart and lungs to be free with no restriction to the open air. This hydration vest is capable of holding a water bottle in the front pocket, comes with a 2L reservoir in the back, and holds all essentials in the zippered pockets. Adjustable straps allow for one size to fit most and conform to a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes.

  • UltrAspire Fitted Race Belt

    The waist belt that works for the everyday to elite athlete, this is the Fitted Race Belt. The conical shape and unique stitching gives the waist belt a seamless to the body feel, like it’s not even there. All the while, it carries your cell phone, nutrition, water bottle and even has a side zippered pocket for your wallet, keys and any other important items you want to keep safe. Comes in 5 sizes to ensure a great fit.


    Size: XS (25″-27″) , S (28″-30″) , M (31″-33″) , L (34″-36″) , XL (37″-39″)






  • UltrAspire Formula 250

    Performance depends on the intake of fuel—that goes down well, feels good and rapidly converts to energy. Every body is unique and requires a different recipe. What is your secret formula? Mix a special sauce up and deliver with this. If Gu is for you—a few packs can go here too. Thanks to Formula 250.

  • UltrAspire Legacy Rest Vest

    The Legacy hydration pack is a versatile pack that can meet entry level through championship needs. This race vest features trekking pole attachments that can be accessed without removing the pack, and reinforced bottom (70D nylon) for maximum durability. The side pockets are designed to carry any of our bottles and are equipped with a shock cord to store other items such as lighting, jacket or anything else that would need to be secured. The front pockets can hold a variety of bottles from our UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle to our Softflask to our Human 20 2.0 with no launch. The Legacy comes with an insulated bladder compartment to keep fluids cool for a longer period of time. One size fits most.

  • UltrAspire Lumen 100 Wrist Light

    A hands free wrist light that will shine on key elements while walking or running at night or early morning. With freed up hands you can hold trekking poles, access your gear on the go, or simply keep them free to be ready to climb.

    This light has a soft adjustable band that fits on the wrist or back of the hand.

  • UltrAspire Lumen 115 Clip Light

    The Lumen 115 Clip night running light is a great standalone light or complimentary piece to your other light gear. It comes with a stable magnetic clip that will attach onto just about any piece of apparel for a strong hold. Simple to use click through settings make adjusting the brightness easy to do on the go.

    Pocket-sized light, simple and easy to use.  You can even use it as a night light for reading!

  • UltrAspire Lumen 170 2.0 Light Belt

    The perfect companion on your early morning or late night runs to light the road and carry your essentials including a large cell phone. Free the head, wear a hat if you like. Adjustable power settings with SOS.


    SIZE : Adjustable (26″ to 46″)